For a one-time charge of $30 you get:

  • 5 HOUR-LONG LIVING-DANCE CARDIO CLASSES, featuring various styles of dance/fitness and choreographed to songs you adore.

  • 2 DAILY WARM-UP videos you can complete in less than ten minutes.

  • 9 POWERFUL FULL-BODY LOW-IMPACT TONING videos targeting arms, abs, buns and thighs (10-15 minutes each).

  • 2 HIGH INTENSITY ENDURANCE TRAINING videos to push your cardiovascular health (5-10 minutes each).

  • 3 STRETCHING SERIES to elongate, restore, and bring balance to your muscles (5-15 minutes each)

  • 2 GUIDED MEDITATIONS, suitable for the meditation skeptic. (5-15 minutes each)

All that plus...bonuses!

  • ADDED barre class

    Score an extra 50 minute barre class. It will leave your muscles toned and ready to dive into more moving. A great place to kick-start your fitness routine and ease into the moves you'll in future routines.

  • FREE videos to try

    You need to love your workouts. They need to feel like a right fit for you. Try a workout without any charge or any credit card details. Just create an account. If you love it - join for full access!


  • What if I have zero rhythm or coordination?

    No stress! Within the ENLIVEN dance cardio class videos all moves are taught slowly and done repeatedly. Choreography is broken down in smaller, easy-to-get pieces so you can always stay with the most basic level of each move until you feel ready to take on more. Conditioning videos are another great option since there isn't "choreography" to pick up.

  • High impact exercise isn't great for my body. Can I still benefit from this workout?

    Absolutely! You can get a full-bodied, sweaty workout without any impact or jumping. Christina shows low-impact options and there are fellow living-dancers demonstrating those options throughout the videos.

  • What is the best foot gear to wear during sessions?

    LIVING-DANCE: cardio is done with sneakers. Lightweight and flexible sneakers are best. Conditioning videos are done barefoot. If you have foot injuries or precautions, even these videos can be done with the same sneaker for extra support.

  • I'm coming back from pregnancy. Is this safe for me?

    Absolutely, once you have medical clearance from your doctor. Christina has training and experience working with pre and post natal women. Start slower with the conditioning videos and advance to the full hour long classes. Q's before you start? Ask and you'll receive direct guidance.

  • I'm working on returning to working out after suffering from an injury. Is this safe for me?

    Sure is! Once you are cleared from your doctor, you can use this membership site to ease yourself back into a more full-moving you. Start slow with some of the conditioning videos before diving into a full hour long class.